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Commemoration of the 160th anniversary of the January Uprising

Commemoration of the 160th anniversary of the January Uprising

15 February 2023.

This year marked the 160th anniversary of the most significant Lithuanian-Polish uprising against the Russian Empire. The insurrection started in Poland on 22 January 1863 under the leadership of Romauld Traugutt. Historians refer this event as the January Uprising.


Our guest speaker, Zsolt Zoltay shared interesting trivia and facts about the historical background of the revolution, the uprising itself and its aftermath.



The lecture was further enhanced by Mr. Zoltay’s old family photos, as for him this historical event has family connection. His great-grandfather, Captain Henryk Swistowicz (1835-1872), fought in the uprising. In the photos the captain’s widow, his children and their offsprings could been seen. Captain Swistowicz’s grandson, Mr. Zoltay’s grandfather accompanied was part of the shipment of Hungarian arms to Poland in 1920.

We are thankful for Mr. Zoltay for a truly enlightening evening.


Written by: Mónika Szabó and Judit Zsótér
Photos by Mónika Szabó

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