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Polish Gluttonous Thursday

Polish Gluttonous Thursday

16 February 2023.

Tłusty czwartek, the Polish Gluttonous Thursday has been organized for the second time in Miskolc this year.


The opening speech was held by the President of the MPNS, Mónika Szabó. The guests could learn about the traditions of Polish doughnut making and superstitiouns around eating them.


Next was the brilliant musical quiz organized by Emőke Rémiás, which was very well received. Good music, witty commentary and some saucy details about the Polish music industry set the mood for the night much to the participants delight.

After the musical brain teaser, it was time to learn more about the star of the evening, the humble doughnut. In this Doughnut Activity Game the participants had to convey information about the pastry they were given in typical Activity fashion: with lots of pointing, describing and laughing, of course.


Having sufficiently whet everyone’s appetite, the following event proved to be the highlight of the day: tasting doughnuts. By doing so, the participants made sure they won’t be short of money for the upcoming year.

Many good conversations were had over the delectable pastries by regulars and new guests alike. It was a great pleasure to welcome our new guests, whom we hope to see again at future events.


Written by: Mónika Szabó and Judit Zsótér
Photos by Mónika Szabó and Péter Bárkányi

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