Miskolc Lengyel Nemzetiségi Önkormányzata

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For decades Miskolc County Township Polish National Self-Government has been increasing its efforts annually to unite the local Polish community and maintain their traditions. Members of the Polish community in Miskolc include Polish people, the descendants of Polish people and pro-Polish Hungarians.

Initial activities focused on the commemoration of Polish national holidays, such as the Polish National Flag Day, 3 May Constitution Day, Saint Ladislaus I Day, which is one of the most important holidays of the Hungarian Polish community and Independence Day, along with major events in folk tradition such as Easter and Christmas.

Since 2007, the Polish-Hungarian Friendship Day is also commemorated each year, which includes participation in relevant events whenever it is possible. The first confirmed Polish settlers, the ancestors of the present day Polish minorities in Hungary, settled down several centuries ago at the nearby settlement of Derenk. Many members of the community consider themselves to be their descendants, which makes the preservation of the Derenk historical tradition highly important. There is a cultural festival held each summer to commemorate the village of Derenk, which we also support as organisers.

As of 1 January 2022, The Miskolc County Township Polish National Self-Government is composed of the following members:

Mónika Szabó Chairwomen
Péter Bárkányi Deputy Chairman
Ilona Balogné Szabó Board Member
MLNÖ testület

In recent years Poland has put more emphasis on perpetuating both historical and cultural traditions. The Miskolc County Township Polish National Self-Government aims to further enrich the diverse cultural landscape of Miskolc with its activities. Our events are usually organized around commemorative years and anniversaries, not only to preserve and reinforce the identities of Polish minority citizens but also to present and promote Polish traditions, values and language to our non-Polish members and anyone interested in Polish culture.

Overall, our programmes and events have fostered an ever-growing community, which includes an increasing number of local and international cooperating partners as well.

photo: Adrienne Csiszár

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